Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween: Kiss the Girl

Outfit Details:
Made by me and my mum. 

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays - mainly because it's fun, I love costumes, and I have great memories from past ones. When Halloween came around last year I really didn't have any intentions to dress up, but after a suggestion from my friend I decided to be Ariel. In case the red hair wasn't an indicator, she's always been my favorite Disney princess. While my Halloween plans that year fell through, months later I managed to wear the home made costume outside of the house and get some pictures.

On a freezing morning I dressed up and went to the beach, tugging along a friend who slept huddled in blankets while I took pictures. The experience made me realize that Ariel's hair would be nothing like suggested and my hair and beach weather don't get along so well. But, now you know: I'm a total sucker for Ariel and Halloween.
I love dressing up, and well, I'm totally okay with it. 

Happy Halloween!

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