Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just a Few Leaves in the Hair

Outfit Details:
Jacket and tights: Target
Fringe shawl: Forever21
Dress: Forever21
Lace undershirt: Kohl's
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Black boots: from Belgium
Purple boots: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: made by me

When I put on this dress, which I've worn before, it just seemed a little too short so I stuck a skirt under it for just a little more length. My camera died so I didn't get a chance to get very good pictures. The ones with the purple boots were on a walk through my hometown's cemetery. It's really not that morbid. Fall looks prettiest there.

By now all the leaves have shed their branches. Fall is my favorite season, but no matter what season it is, I still adore it. Sometimes, though, from a distance.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Cafe Mocha and Pink Lipstick

Jacket: gift
Lace shirt: Forever21 (same)
Skirt: made by me (same made in different color and with pockets) (tutorial)
belt: thrifted
tights and hat: target (same hat)
boots: Forever21
earrings: Forever21
necklace: made by me
bracelet: Deja Vu
Ring: gift

I've always liked how the lipstick lip imprint looked on a coffee cup. I also love coffee shops, especially local ones. The back parking lot also makes for a great place for pictures in a pinch. So grab a coffee and get some snaps of it, if you want. What is your favorite kind of coffee? I have to go for the a cafe mocha almost always, chocolate and coffee, just a piece of heaven is all. 

This skirt, super similar to the one in my second post has become a staple in my closet. This was the first version I made at the end of December last year. Somethings could have turned out better. When I took to making the skirt a second time I already knew the recipe, but decided to add some new ingredients - aka pockets. It definitely turned out better. However, I learned the key to sewing well . . . at least for me, is to not sew when one is exhausted and overwhelmed. Take a nice break and come back to work on it tomorrow, because otherwise you are probably just going to make mistakes.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Love of Red

 Outfit Details:
Cartigan and undershirt : Kohls
Shirt: thrifted - originally from Forever21
skirt: Forever 21
tights: Charlotte Russe
shoes: Hottopic
purse: Old Navy
earrings: can't remember
rings: gifts
necklace: Rue 21

I can't remember when red became my favorite color, I don't think it really ever has. It just suddenly happened that I was drawn to red, like I once had been drawn to black-still am if I am being honest.

I found this skirt at Forever21 a long time ago and didn't buy it because I hardly ever buy things unless they are on sale. When I went back almost two seasons later, I looked over all the racks hoping desperately that the red leather skirt was there-I was even going to buy it full price. Well, the store did have it, but in the wrong size. Some might have taken this as a sign, not me. After sleeping on it for a few nights I searched it out online and bought it. I don't regret it one bit. Those are the best additions to one's closet, the ones that we managed to snag especially after thinking them over for forever.

This shirt has a similar story. My sister has the same shirt and on one or two occasions I borrowed it. I fell in love with it, but by this time the store was out of stock. Over a year later, while I was with my sisters, out thrifting. As a group effort they found it, being awesome as she is, my sister remembered how much I loved that shirt. Even better, it was steal for only two dollars.

What has been the best snag you have ever managed for your closet?

<3 Misha

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Born in the Wrong Time

Outfit Details:
Dress: Ruche (same)
Boots: target (similar/very close)
Tights: Hottopic
Earrings : Icing
Belt : from a dress from Hottopic
Leather Jacket: Wetseal
Purse: Forever21
WWII air-force coat: vintage

The picture of the back of the dress was taken by my best friend-Natalie-when we took a walk around town. The shoes, in that picture, are the same from the previous post - the ones from Belgium. The snood I put my hair up in was made by my mom, which I might have permanently borrowed, oops!

The air-force coat is perhaps my favorite piece of clothing I own. It was a present from my mom. I actually got the whole uniform, however the pants are a little too snug to fit me. The guy had to have a 25 inch waist. When these pictures were taken it was a little too warm for the wool coat, but I felt that it just went too well with the dress to not document it, at least for one picture.

As stated in the title I often feel I was born in the wrong time. I wish I had been born in the twenties so that I could be in my prime in the early forties. Or I would have liked to have lived in medieval times, though I would want modern plumbing.

Hope you have an awesome day(s)!

<3 Misha

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Wind was My First Love

Pocahontas was not my favorite princess. If you want a clue as to who is, my hair color is the biggest clue. However, Pocahontas was always special to me. Colors of the Wind and Just Around the River Bend are a couple of my favorite songs. Perhaps my adoration of the story explains my obsession with the wind. I always wondered if it is too weird that I am in love with the wind. My favorite weather is right when the wind picks up and it is about to storm or just after a storm. Yet, it can be really difficult to take pictures when it's windy, especially with messy, frizzy hair that tends to love getting tangled in said windy weather.

Hopefully that will explain these bad photos and the hair that refuses to stand still.

Outfit details
olive shirt and yellow vest: Forever21
belt: from a swimsuit from Kohl's
lace  undershirt: Kohl's
pleather jacket: Wet Seal
skirt and necklace: made by me
tights: target
earrings and ring: Charming Charlie's
shoes: from Belgium

<3 Misha

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Introducing myself . . .

I'm Misha. I'm a nineteen years old or young. This blog is for documenting life and little projects I like to do. I'll try not to get too serious. I want to post about things come across in everyday life: make up, books, film and TV, outfits, creations, and experiences.

A quick get to know: I'm a Christian, artsy writer, sci-fi addicted, animal lover, bookworm girl. I love my family and friends to death even when they drive me a little mad. I'm a little absentminded. My name gets distorted into many different forms, but Mishy-me tends to be everyone's favorite. In the midst of nature is where I flourish so I'm lucky to live on farm land.

This is me

This is Ziva 


And her brother, Ollie. 

Last, but not least, Oublie

I can guarantee that you will be seeing all of these rascals frequently throughout this blog. 

That's all you need to know about me right now. I hope you choose to follow my blog, I'll try to update regularly

<3 Misha