Saturday, January 20, 2018

Prague for One

Outfit Details:
Scarf & Shirt & Boots: TJmaxx
Sweater & Jeans: Kohl's
Book: Paris for One (and other stories) by Jojo Moyes

Bonus: book recommendation! Recently I've been a little obsessed with all things Jojo Moyes. I read the Me Before You series just before the movie was released and fell in love with her stories. Besides Paris for One, I've also just read the Girl You Left Behind, which might have become my new favorite.

I'm coming up on my last few weeks in Prague and I have mixed emotions about leaving: excited to go home and be in a familiar culture, but deeply sadden by leaving this city that I've come to love. But I know it's hard to keep me away from Europe, so I imagine I won't be away for too long.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Garden's View

 Outfit Details:
Jacket & Tights: TJmaxx
Skirt & Shirt (prague): Forever21
Boots: DSW

Slowly, I've been failing in love with Prague. We had a rocky start. But now here we are, I'm little more than a month from my departure date and just at the thought my heart begins to ache. I hope the experiences and memories I've gained from my time here will last a lifetime, but I'm getting ahead of myself. For now, let's just enjoy the view.


Saturday, December 2, 2017

That's Prague in the Distance

 Outfit Details:
Jacket & Scarf: TJmaxx
Dress: Forever21 (prague)
Boots: DSW
Tights & Socks: Target
Luxe and Wanderlust Necklace: Modcloth

It's been a long time coming, but here it is at last: my first Prague outfit post!

With a new address and an enticing new city, I've been more focused on exploring than fashion. The day I took these photos it was a little chilly out and the perfect chance to bring out my new dress. I forgot how much I love dressing up. Not even dressing up, but maybe dressing with intention. My style has always been a big part of my identity and when I'm busy I tend to tone it down for more casual pieces. Those days I always feel a little less me.

As they say in Prague ,,Mĕj se hezky!" (Have a good day!)