Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Forest Wanderer

Outfit Details:
Lace Vest: gift
Dress & Purse: Target
Belt & Beaded Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Leaf Bracelet: Lace Affair
Boots: TJmaxx

This is one of my favorite morning spots for walks. Since I moved it's a little farther away than I'd like to drive for a run or walk in the morning, so I'm in search of a new place. But for some days it's perfect. 

I took a chance on this dress and it worked out for me. It became one of my most worn pieces during the summer and leading into the fall. 

It's finally snowing here in Maine and I'm loving it - when my car isn't getting stuck in my driveway. I've taken my time walking downtown and enjoying the white covered buildings. My Instagram has a few pictures of the snow beauty. Until next time. 

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