Friday, August 4, 2017

Visiting Quebec City

Outfit Details:
Top & Boots & Tights: TJmaxx
Schooltime Sparkle Skirt: Modcoth
Necklace: Lace Affair

I went to Quebec this past March, cross that adventure off my bucket list, and (tried) to brush up on my French. I stayed in a cute little hotel near the center of town (Auberge Place D'armes) and loved it. The city was still packed with snow and ice - and ever as beautiful. I inhaled espresso and poutine every meal time and found poutine flavored potato chips to take back home. Old Quebec definitely became one of my favorites places. 

The photos are mostly from my phone, because while I remembered my camera, I forgot my tripod. It was a balancing act on top of clothes and books and tables to get the right angle- in the end they came out well. My camera is a little worse for wear nowadays and I might have to look into switching permanently to my phone for these types of pictures. 

But, of course, the true point of the story is that if you ever get the chance to visit Quebec City, do it. Even if it's winter, cause it's just as gorgeous.

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