Monday, May 13, 2013

The Comfort of (Historical) Fashion

For as long as I remember I've loved dressing up. Not necessarily just in fancy clothing, but in anything that made me feel magical. Perhaps that is what I love so much about period clothing. I grew up on history. Despite the comings and goings of my other interests history has always been at the top. As children my parents took us many places that exposed us to the rich historical culture. Mostly, though, I remember places like Colonial Williamsburg.

Say what people may about fashion and clothing, but one of the greatest things about it is how it can make you feel beautiful. It isn't about the price or the brand-though sometimes they seem to help-it's about how they make you feel. Fashion is magic, the ability it has to change your attitude. I still like to get dressed up, even if I have nowhere to go, or even if it needs a corset that seems to shed three inches off my waist.

Dress: Made by my mother
Necklace: Online somewhere, forever ago

This is a dress my mother made, she actually made it for herself, but later on made alterations so that it could fit me. Funny thing is that I had a corset before I even had a dress to wear it with. I can't help but like period clothing. It's fitting, I suppose. People might be surprised by my interests because at first glance I'm that girl who likes makeup, hair, and cfashion, but of course like everything it stems much deeper than that. History and it's influences have always been my favorite subject.

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