Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Born in the Wrong Time

Outfit Details:
Dress: Ruche (same)
Boots: target (similar/very close)
Tights: Hottopic
Earrings : Icing
Belt : from a dress from Hottopic
Leather Jacket: Wetseal
Purse: Forever21
WWII air-force coat: vintage

The picture of the back of the dress was taken by my best friend-Natalie-when we took a walk around town. The shoes, in that picture, are the same from the previous post - the ones from Belgium. The snood I put my hair up in was made by my mom, which I might have permanently borrowed, oops!

The air-force coat is perhaps my favorite piece of clothing I own. It was a present from my mom. I actually got the whole uniform, however the pants are a little too snug to fit me. The guy had to have a 25 inch waist. When these pictures were taken it was a little too warm for the wool coat, but I felt that it just went too well with the dress to not document it, at least for one picture.

As stated in the title I often feel I was born in the wrong time. I wish I had been born in the twenties so that I could be in my prime in the early forties. Or I would have liked to have lived in medieval times, though I would want modern plumbing.

Hope you have an awesome day(s)!

<3 Misha

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