Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Wind was My First Love

Pocahontas was not my favorite princess. If you want a clue as to who is, my hair color is the biggest clue. However, Pocahontas was always special to me. Colors of the Wind and Just Around the River Bend are a couple of my favorite songs. Perhaps my adoration of the story explains my obsession with the wind. I always wondered if it is too weird that I am in love with the wind. My favorite weather is right when the wind picks up and it is about to storm or just after a storm. Yet, it can be really difficult to take pictures when it's windy, especially with messy, frizzy hair that tends to love getting tangled in said windy weather.

Hopefully that will explain these bad photos and the hair that refuses to stand still.

Outfit details
olive shirt and yellow vest: Forever21
belt: from a swimsuit from Kohl's
lace  undershirt: Kohl's
pleather jacket: Wet Seal
skirt and necklace: made by me
tights: target
earrings and ring: Charming Charlie's
shoes: from Belgium

<3 Misha

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