Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little School Girlish

Outfit Details:
Pumpkin Soup Cardigan & From Gear to Ear earrings: Modcloth
Shirt & Skirt: Walmart
Peter Pan Collar shirt: Lace Affair
Tights & Boots: Target
Necklace: gift
Puppy: Ollie & Kitten : Myka

I love my pets, that should be rather obvious to anyone who knows me. I don't think I'd ever survive without some by my side. Like humans I've always found it amazing how personalities differ with these creatures. Scared-y dogs and fearless cats. 

Something that has grabbed me of late was the death of my puppy-Ollie who is feature greatly in this blog and in these pictures. It's strange on some level I feel as if I should apologize for being so sad over his death, he was just a dog. But that's ridiculous. I've lived beside him for eleven years, his been a constant companion, a friend. He's sat with me as I've read, he's gone on great adventures with me, and he's been there every morning when I got home from work.  He was as real as any person I've known; and even if you've only read a few of my posts you should be able to recognize how much I loved him. So I shouldn't feel like I need to apologize for being heartbroken over losing my yellow puppy. 

I still have a couple outfits that I need to put up that has him parading beside me, it's a little strange, but then I'm so grateful that he was by my side so much that my camera caught many cute photos of him. That being said I've been having a hard time even editing them, which is one reason I've taken a little break from this outfit journal of mine. But now I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things. Also I think it's perfect to have a post about my puppy on Valentine's Day, last year he shared in my outfit as well. 
P.S. Here's a few adorable pictures of Ollie.

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