Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Curve of Technology

It's funny how attached we can get to inanimate objects. For instance, I'm typing this out on my laptop. She has a name and stickers that I put on when she arrived at my house on July 2010. She has a few scratches and a funny mark on the screen where once I spilled tea on her. Her name is Octavia, in case you're curious. In the three years I've owned her I've learned to accept her quirks, like how, sometimes, the mouse won't work when I first sign in or how the task bar won't disappear on occasion, and the scary noise she makes when she's trying to read a disc. It's silly though, you know, to feel this attached to a piece of metal that sits on my lap from time to time. 

Sometimes, much of the time, I find it necessary to get far away from technology. Ask almost anyone, I have a bad habit of forgetting that I have a phone people try to contact me on. I prefer the quiet wind on a shady day to the hum of electronics. But far too often, I forget to step away and turn off all these battery sucking bugs. It might seem strange but taking outfit pictures, where I use a five year old camera (she feels older than that), takes me out of the modern day. Often enough, to take these pictures, I wander into scarcely habituated areas and sit for a moment, soaking in the lighting and the breath of the wind. 

As I get older and wiser, as we all know that at twenty a girl is as wise as can be, I have to wonder what these little gadgets really give us. They might simplify some things, but don't they make others more complicated? Isn't it that much harder to enjoy a night out when it seems that your company is sucked into the world evolving on these little things. Believe me, I get the irony that I'm writing about this on my blog. But sometimes the thoughts stuck inside one's head must be tossed to be heard by those that are willing to listen.
Outfit Details:
Shirt: my mom's
Tank: Kohl's
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Macy's
Necklace: Hottopic

I think this (long) post matches this outfit. Its Indiana Jones theme-hopefully by now you've realized that I like to dress in themes-speaks of a character who tends to stick more to his wits and his hat, than technology-granted he is from the 30's so they didn't have cell phones back then., but still.

I think I need a hat like his, it would complete the outfit. I had wanted to take these pictures in a park close by, where there would have rocks to climb and a more Indiana Jones feel, however it rained that day and the lighting was awful. So, instead, I settled for the pack of trees by our pond and I think they worked nicely in the end.

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