Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Little Mermaid by the Sea

Outfit Details:
Dress: Gabriel Brothers
Shawl: Forever21
Colored Bracelet: Rue21
Necklace & chain bracelet: homemade

I mentioned my rock in the previous post, this is my rock. Since I started claiming this spot as my own, my family started calling me a mermaid. The red hair tends to reaffirm that. I should mention that I have no problem with this, there are much worse things than being called a mermaid, at least I'm not being called carrots. 

Common sense would dictate not to wear a long dress when you want to climb out into the sea and down many rocks, all while hoping not to fall. But I tend to forget what common sense is at times, what can you do? 

These pictures came out a little dark, as it started to rain just as everything was set up. These were also taken with help from my sister, which was awesome, because it meant I wouldn't have run(climb) in between setting the timer.  

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