Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Dash of Blue

 Outfit Details:
Leather Jacket: Wetseal
Dress: Charming Charlie's
Tights & Shoes: Target (same shoes)
Purse & charm bracelet: Gift
Earrings: Body Central
Necklace: Lace Affair
Ring: Vintage Heirloom

I love the pairing of a bright color with something a little bit more understated-in this case black. I brought out this lovely dress from Charming Charlie's for a family dinner we had near the new year. The dress is super comfy and gorgeous. I also love that I had earrings that matched the color of the dress so perfectly.

The purse is made all from recycled materials and is so adorable with its retro look. I am planning on shortening the straps a touch when I get a chance. This adorably purse makes me be a little bit more practical  Normally, my purse is like the bag from Mary Poppins. In this I can only fit my wallet, chap-stick (lipstick in this case), and bobby-pins  I would say also my keys, but I haven't introduced you to my enormous key set yet. Even if I didn't put everything else in the purse I'm not sure I could fit my keys in.

This week has been a refreshing breath of warm weather, I'm enjoying it. I hope that wherever you are it's warm as well.

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