Thursday, January 24, 2013

Purple and Puppies

Outfit Details:
Jacket: Wetseal
Shirt: Hot topic
Leggings: Target
Scarf: Esprit in Belgium
Belt & Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Bracelet: Lace Affair
Necklace: Forever21
Purse: Gift
Puppies: Ollie and Indigo

I love my puppies, by puppies I mean mature dogs, they are way past being puppies. Not that I have favorites, but the yellow one, Ollie, is my favorite. Indigo, the other dog, is amazing as well and I feel horrible saying that I love one more than the other. I suppose it's because Ollie is calm-most of the time-and Indigo is a little more rowdy.

Ollie has a really cute-read annoyingly cute-trait where, when he stands beside you, he stands on your foot. This should explain why my shoes look so dirty. I think it is his protective instinct, or maybe it is like dog equivalent to holding hands. Indigo is our real guard dog though. If she sees anyone who could be dangerous she starts barking and growling. It might surprise you but these two darlings are brother and sister, as well as best friends.

I put together this outfit for a movie night, as I wanted something comfortable, yet something I could be seen in if we happened to go anywhere. This is one shirt that I don't wear enough, despite how much I adore it. I think I just might need to find more ways to wear it.

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