Friday, June 14, 2013

My Sister's Dress

Well, for once I'm not stealing my sister's clothes. Meet my sister Kaitlin. My very talented mother made this lovely, vintage patterned dress for her. When the dress was finished I took my sister out for a spin about the yard and photographed her. These are those pictures. (That sounded very dramatic in my head.)
Outfit Details: 
Dress: Made by my very talented mother
Bracelet: Vintage
Shoes: Wal-Mart
Puppy: Ollie

I might have gone a little crazy with the pictures, but I got so many good ones. It was strangely refreshing not to be in front of the camera and it was so much fun getting to boss my sister around, instructing her how to pose. I didn't really have to instruct her much on how to pose, she is a natural in front of the camera. Of course, I did tell her to climb the tree. Because when in heels and a dress one HAS to climb a tree. (Or at least try.) But her sticking out her tongue, that was all her. 

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