Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Enter Through the Stargate, Please

Outfit Details:
Airforce Coat: Vintage
Shirt: Rue21
Skirt: Kohl's
Tights & Shoes: Target
Necklace: Made by me
Earrings: gift
Ring: Belgium
Belt: Thrifted

I haven't tried to omit the fact that I am a full on sci-fi geek. Most days, though, I like to keep this to myself, however the sonic screwdriver in my purse sometimes gives me away. I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars. Stargate was more my brother's show that I watched from time to time. Recently I've started watching it again. Mainly because Michael Shanks is in it and in admittance to more sci-fi-ness, I'm a sucker for Smallville. 

Driving home one day I crossed this cemetery and for some reason that trellis reminded me of the stargate. Though, honestly, it's more like a holodeck door I suppose. Still I dressed up and made sure to take some pictures . . . in the rain. But we must suffer for scenery. 

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