Monday, February 11, 2013

Writing Wednesdays

As I write this I am suffering from the coffee jitters. Believe it or not I have only had one cup of coffee, but drinking coffee on an empty stomach, a really bad idea. I try, about once a week, to get out of the house for some me time. There is this cute cafe that I like to go to, I've taken pictures a bunch of times in their parking lot. (here, here, and here) I call these Writing Wednesdays, while I don't always go on Wednesday, Tuesdays are more likely, I take the time to update my journal, do any work that I have been procrastinating about, take outfit photos, and catch up on emails.

Mainly today I have learned that drinking coffee, no matter how much, on an empty stomach is deadly; and people love a redhead. Seriously, redheads have to stay together, no matter whether they are real or faux.

Outfit Details:
Coat & Belt: Kohl's
Scarf & Jacket: Hottopic-gift
Dress: Ebay
Tights & Shoes: Target
Knitted cap & Purse: Forever21
Necklace: made by me
Bracelet: Deja Vu

So a common faux-pas is redheads dressing in red. I understand where this can be a serious mistake, however I believe what really only matters is the shade of red. My outfit theme was red, white, and black. I also taught a fellow redhead that you can wear red lipstick with red hair.

Okay so I'm getting really jittery, so I should head out and use some of this extra energy before my jitters makes the whole cafe shake. 

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