Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lazy Days

Coat & Jeans: Kohl's
Shirt & Shoes: Hot topic
Necklace: Gift (originally from Icing, I think)
Sweater: Thrifted/hand me downs (Target, originally)
Gloves: Target

I normally don't photograph last minute outfits. But the outdoors were calling to me, so I grabbed my tripod and camera and took a hike. I also had a few companions to make the freezing cold and wind a little bit more enjoyable. Though they aren't photographed, I had earmuffs that I wore for all the walking. Otherwise, my ears would have been bright pink. I keep on underestimating the wind. I look outside and see that the wind is barely moving the tree's branches and decide to venture out. As soon as the door shuts, locking me into the cold, the wind picks up and nearly blows me away. I love the wind, but the freezing temperatures, made me think about breaking up with it. Also the white stuff in my hair is snow, not dandruff.

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